River landscape Elbe

For more than 1,000 kilometers, the river Elbe meanders its way from the Czech Republic all the way to the North Sea. Along the banks of the river runs the Elbe cycling trail, one of the most popular long-distance cycling routes in Germany.


The nature reserve “Hohes Elbufer” between Lauenburg and Geesthacht offers a very special experience of nature. While slowly cycling along the Elbe canals, you can enjoy the view over the water and the fascinating riverscape from your “saddle”. The nature reserve “Flusslandschaft Elbe” belongs to the cross-border UNESCO biosphere reserve riverscape Elbe which extends to both sides of the river.


Enjoy a magnificent view of the border triangle region of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from the viewing point “Askanierblick” which is located directly in front of Castle Lauenburg.

Discover the river Elbe

Boat trips on the river Elbe

Saloonship Aurora

With the Saloonship Aurora, you can enjoy beautiful excursions on the Elbe. The Aurora’s home port is Geesthacht and in addition to sailing on the Elbe between Hamburg-Blankenese and Dömnitz, she also sails on the river Ilmenau and the Elbe-Seitenkanal, a side canal of the Elbe. Trips to the port of Hamburg with a visit to the fish market, the Hamburg Cruisedays or the Hamburg harbour festival belong to the regular timetable as does leisurely cruising to the neighbouring historic town of Lauenburg or further into the valley Elbtalaue to Boizenburg or Dömitz.

For Captain Karl-Heinz Randel and his wife Gabriela, inland navigation is in their blood. Their family have been navigating on inland waterways for 5 generations.

The saloon below deck can seat 125 people. The winter garden lounge with wicker furniture on the upper deck as well as the partially covered sundeck with sun beds, create a special atmosphere on the Aurora.

For group tours, family events, company outings and club celebrations, you can charter the whole ship.

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, in agreement with the registry office, you can even get married on the Elbe aboard the Aurora.

Passenger ship Lüneburger Heide

With the passenger ship “Lüneburger Heide” you can take a boat trip from Lauenburg, Geesthacht or Artlenburg to the Eulenspiegel town of Mölln, the fish market and harbour in Hamburg, to Bleckede and to Hitzacker.

And for nature lovers, there is the trip to the UNESCO biosphere reserve riverscape “Flusslandschaft” as far as Hitzacker. Or cruise along the 115 year old idyllic Elbe-Lübeck canal to Mölln, leaving all your worries behind. A special highlight is the boat trip to Hamburg including locking and the big harbour tour.

For groups and private parties, you can get an individual quote based on which route, for how long, the number of people and the service. The saloon can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests. You can also get married aboard the “Lüneburger Heide”. The ship owner works with the registry offices of Lauenburg/Elbe and the municipal of Scharnebeck and others. (Free) church weddings are also possible aboard the “Lüneburger Heide”.
In Lauenburg, the “Lüneburger Heide” normally docks at the Rufer-Anleger in Elbstraße 100. All other dock locations can be found in the current timetable.

Historic barge “Stadtbarkasse Piep”

A nostalgic cruise with the historic barge “PIEP” is a unique experience. Geesthacht presents to you its maritime upper Elbe aspect.

The barge is ideal for small celebrations of any kind (for groups of up to 24 people). Surprise your guests with an invitation to the PIEP and plan your next company party, birthday or anniversary.

A contribution towards our costs is welcome and is used exclusively for the preservation and maintenance of this historic barge.

The crew and helpers of the “PIEP” work voluntarily.
Owner of the barge is the town of Geesthacht. It is a project of the sponsoring society “Förderkreis Stadt-Barkasse PIEP” to represent Geesthacht’s maritime aspect. This includes boat trips for those who are interested in the region “Mittelelbe”.