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Charm and mischief
You can still meet him in person today:

With his beak shoes, colourful robe and ringing bells, the merry prankster Till Eulenspiegel roams the old town and surrounding forests and lakes of Mölln.

Mölln was his last stop: In 1350 Till Eulenspiegel reputedly died here – but not before playing his final pranks on the townsfolk of Mölln. The story is still told about how he bequeathed a chest full of stones, and thus even in death created strife among his heirs. The people of Mölln respectfully keep his memory alive: They honour him in the Eulenspiegel Fountain as well as with his own museum on the historic market square. Also worth seeing is the commemorative stone next to the portal of St. Nicolai Church, as well as the Eulenspiegel linden tree under which the jester is reputedly buried. Eulenspiegel has also been immortalised in numerous reliefs and sculptures on the town’s buildings. The town’s Eulenspiegel performer is still very much alive today. He approaches locals and visitors with an astute sense of humour and holds a mirror up to
them – in the jesting spirit of the medieval prankster. But you’d be a fool if you visited Mölln only to pay tribute to Eulenspiegel. Eleven lakes and twelve hectares of forest frame this picturesque little town. The Hellbachtal, a tunnel valley formed during the last Ice Age, is a unique natural landmark at the gates of the Eulenspiegel town. Hiking, biking, water sports – Mölln offers all-around fun. The multi-faceted town is an attractive holiday destination thanks to its numerous leisure facilities and excellent restaurants.

More must-sees:

  • The historic Town Hall together with St. Nicolai’s Church andthe market place forms the medieval centre of Mölln. Today, the museum and the Tourist Information Centre of the city are located in this building.
  • Exciting tours – whether traditional guided tours, night watchman tours or medieval adventure tours – reveal loads of interesting facts about the town and its history.
  • The Nature Park Centre Uhlenkolk offers lots of interesting information about the local flora and fauna, a nature experience area and wildlife park with native animal species and giant boulders. Admission is free.

A warm welcome to the Eulenspiegel town of Mölln. The home town of the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel welcomes you with a variety of activities: discover the historic town with a wide range of cultural events, experience nature in the nature park centre Uhlenkolk, visit the spa gardens and lakeland; go hiking, swimming and cycling; or visit some of our events or enjoy Disc-golfing – we have adventures for holidaymakers and day trippers of all sorts in store.
The Kneipp spa town of Mölln not only offers an abundance of activities but also ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday in Schleswig-Holstein.

A mischievous Eulenspiegel town with charme

Mölln – the Eulenspiegel town

Welcome in Mölln, in the holiday region of the Duchy of Lauenburg. Would you like to simply forget your everyday worries, experience nature, enjoy some culture or be active and have a really good time? Then Mölln, the Eulenspiegel town, will not disappoint you.


Mölln is a real pearl for holiday makers

Be it disc-golfing, hiking, swimming or cycling, be it culture or nature, the state approved Kneipp-health resort with its historic town, diverse leisure activities and events is an experience for both holiday makers and day trippers.


The Eulenspiegel town of Mölln offers not only in abundance but also ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday in Schleswig-Holstein.

Mölln – the Eulenspiegel town

Welcome in Mölln, in the holiday region of the Duchy of Lauenburg. Would you like to simply forget your everyday worries, experience nature, enjoy some culture or be active and have a really good time? Then come and visit the town of the jester Eulenspiegel in Schleswig-Holstein.


The Eulenspiegel town of Mölln not only offers an abundance of activities but also ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday in Schleswig-Holstein.

Night-watchman tour at dusk

Explore Mölln on our night-watchman tour. Walk in the footsteps of a night-watchman taking you on a time travel into history and learn all about what his job involved. Mölln shimmering in lantern light – discover Mölln in a very different way and let our night-watchman take you to times long gone. Learn interesting facts about the history of the town and the profession of a night-watchman.


Meet the night-watchman at dusk on the historic market square at the Eulenspiegel fountain for the 70 minute tour.


It was the night-watchman’s task to walk the streets and side-alleys of the city at night to ensure peace and order. Typically, the Mölln night-watchman would carry a halberd, a lantern and a horn.


Duration: approx. 70 minutes

Participants: up to 25 persons

Available: all year

Starting point: historic market square, Eulenspiegel fountain


89 €

Interactive tour with Duke Albrecht

Go on a time travel to the Middle Ages and let Albrecht the Good transport you to times long gone. Experience the Middle Ages on a unique and individual trip based on a successful combination of animation and acting, transforming the welcome guest from their passive role into a part of the experience.


May I introduce myself? I am Duke Albrecht the Good

Experience a real Duke, from the Ascanian House of the Dukes of Saxony-Lauenburg. Albrecht IV, Bergedorf – Mölln line. Be a witness to his reign, his work and his generous heart, for in his day, around 1340, he was not unjustly called Albrecht the Good! Hygiene and health were particularly near and dear to him. Because the Middle Ages were anything but washed and scrubbed. The fact that he had no lucky hand with money is a different story but will not be withheld from our guests. Quite the contrary. And on your journey through the royal Middle Ages, hear about a legend long forgotten, when the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel got the Duke out of a jam.


If you are lucky, you might earn a thaler and if Albrecht the Good is pleased with his guests, it could well be, that one of them will receive a noble title. In witness of his grace Duke Albrecht IV of Mölln. That the nobility of the Middle Ages has nothing to do with the nobility of today goes without saying or are there similarities with the nobility of 21st century? Our visitors will get an answer to this and learn much more, and take their memories of this unique experience home. In Mölln, the “Town of Diversity” with Duke Albrecht IV, old times rise again and give you an insight into the historic Eulenspiegel town.


Experience the Duke first hand

His Grace will gladly give himself the honour of guiding the illustrious visitor through his ducal territory. An experience that will stay with you for a long time!


Duration: approx. 70 minutes

Participants: up to 25 persons

Available: all year

Starting point: historic market square, Eulenspiegel fountain


89 €
Price per group up to 25 persons

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Christmas market Mölln

Christmas market – the fragrance of roasted almonds and mulled wine hanging in the air, lights glistening and Christmas carols in a festive setting with Christmas trees everywhere. This is the time for the Mölln Christmas Market. In the Eulenspiegel town, the backdrop of the historic old town dominates our Christmas market. So with your collar turned up, the smell of smoke hanging in the air and a cool early afternoon twilight, stroll around our Christmas market. These wintery hours fill Mölln with the smell of Christmas cookies and spices luring you to the market square of the Eulenspiegel town. Probably the most beautiful Christmas tree in all of Northern Germany, twinkles and shines with its thousands of glistening lights and red Christmas balls in the market square. All around the Christmas tree are the many festive stalls offering mulled wine, grilled specialties, Christmas cookies and savoury food for you to enjoy. And there are many more stalls offering Christmas decorations and interesting gifts for your loved ones.


In the historic town hall, the arts and crafts market with a fine selection of high-quality handcrafts is yet another reason for a stroll around our Christmas market. On two levels, you can find hand-crafted silver jewelry, natural soaps, felt hats, candles, ceramics, Christmas arrangements and much more.


Kissing under the mistletoe at the Christmas market in Mölln

Just like Christmas trees, candles and red balls the mistletoe has become a favourite Christmas symbol for peace and reconciliation.


The evergreen berry branches belong to the family of the sandalwood plants. They grow on trees or bushes and take their water and nutrients supply from them. Mistletoe can also be found in the popular Asterix comic books where they are an important ingredient for the magic potion. The Romans used the crushed sticky berries as glue and the mistletoe also played a role in Germanic mythology.


However, it is the kissing under the mistletoe that is the best known tradition in connection with the mistletoe. Kissing under the mistletoe is mandatory. An English-speaking Christmas tradition says that when two people kiss under the mistletoe, it will bring them luck.


On the Mölln Christmas market, we have a special place for this beautiful custom, the so-called kissing-zone. Couples can sit on a small bench under a mistletoe and “collect” their portion of luck and happiness. You do not have anybody to kiss? Never mind, just rub the Eulenspiegel fountain – this is also said to bring you luck and happiness.


In Mölln, you are welcome to act a little foolishly. After all, this is where the famous jester Till Eulenspiegel spent the last few years of his life. Even today, he is playing many a trick on people, just as he pleases. So be careful that you are not hoodwinked by him.


Surrounded by water, forest and idyllic nature, the town has been a recognized Kneipp resort since 1970. Nestled in among a chain of lakes both small and large, water lovers, hobby navigators and nature fans will just love it here.
Well-preserved medieval treasures combined with culture and modern services make Mölln an appealing destination.


The magnificent old town around the town church St. Nicolai together with the medieval town hall and the historic market square is protected and absolutely worth a visit.

Spa gardens in the center of Mölln

With the words “The most beautiful spa gardens in Northern Germany”, the Hamburg architect Gustav Lüttge once presented the plans for the construction of the downtown spa gardens in Mölln in 1966. Today, his statement is gaining a revived meaning. The 40,000 m² large spa gardens in the centre of Mölln were renovated with the support of 1.57 million euros from the “Programme for future economy of Schleswig-Holstein”. The entire renovation had a budget of 2.3 million euros.


The vastness of the gardens with the large lawn in the center has been retained. The biggest change has probably been carried out in the eastern section of the gardens. In addition to the leisure activity facilities such as crazy golf, a playing field for boules as well as a chess and draughts board, various themed gardens will make you want to stay and relax. When the roses are in full bloom, the rose garden with its selected rose bushes is filled with a tantalising scent. Right next to the rose garden is the reading garden where you can spend some time indulging in your favorite books. Want to cool off? – Water games provide the necessary refreshment on a hot day.


The easternmost gardens are Kneipp-themed gardens. Mölln, being a Kneipp health resort, has implemented the Kneipp theory into the spa gardens, accessible to everyone. A herb garden, an exercise garden, a nutritional garden and a garden with a Kneipp water basin encourage you to learn more about Kneipp.


The new centre piece for events is the stage with its interesting architecture. Here, visitors can enjoy various performances. What would Mölln be without its Till Eulenspiegel? Under no circumstances was this Eulenspiegel element to be missed in the spa gardens. The jester is present all over the gardens. The story of Till Eulenspiegel and the blacksmith has been artistically depicted so that you can experience his story.

Opening times

April to October: 6 a.m. to 9.45 p.m.
November to March: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Nature Park Centre Uhlenkolk

Welcome! We would be pleased to welcome you at our nature park. The nature park centre Uhlenkolk is the certified educational institution of the nature park Lauenburgische Seen. Get an impression of our diverse education and nature experience offers for children (groups), families, and adults.

Discover Uhlenkolk

Experience nature live

Natural forests, glacial lakes and abundant wildlife: the landscape of the nature park Lauenburgische Seen invites you to relax, enjoy and discover. Numerous possibilities for leisure activities attract visitors to the spectacular habitats of rare animals and plants – whether on foot, by bicycle or on water. The nature park Uhlenkolk with its wide range of offers is situated at the very heart of it and an ideal starting point for you to explore the rich fauna and flora.

Hiking tour red Till shoe

Walk in the footsteps of the white gold along the old salt road, today’s Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal via the Alte Ziegelei, through the Pirschbachtal via the Doktorhof back to the historic market square Mölln.

Orange Till shoe

The hiking tour starts from Mölln, via Steinfeld, Forst glands and leads along the Lütauer lake, gland lake and Schmalsees back to Mölln.

Hike Blue Till Shoe

The blue Till shoe marks the approx. 13 km long way from the historical market square – Waldhof on Herrenland – Alter Frachtweg – Hotel Schwanenhof – Kurpark Mölln back to the historic market square. About half of the tour is located in the beautiful forest landscape of the Möllner environment.


In the wildlife park, you can not only see deer, wild boar and stags at an arm’s length but also enjoy some peace and quiet. The various stations along the nature discovery trail in the nature experience area have interesting information about bogs, forest and soil for young and old. And in bad weather, you can also explore a lot at our exhibition. Because exciting experiences and all that fresh air will make you hungry, we have two snackbars at the nature park centre Uhlenkolk.


Those who would like to discover nature with a guide explaining things as you go, have the chance to do so at the nature park centre: we offer different events and leisure activities for the whole family, adults, school classes and Kindergardens.


Lakeland around Mölln

If you love the wet element, you will love Mölln. The town is situated on the Elbe-Lübeck Canal, surrounded by a chain of lakes. The lakes Ziegelsee, Schulsee, Hegesee, Schmalsee and Lütauer See are promising areas for hobby navigators with an urge to explore.


In past times, water was the basis for the prosperity of the region. The earnings from the water mill and the salt trade on the former canal Stecknitzkanal played an important role. The exhibition in the museum in the historic town hall “Museum Historisches Rathaus” offers lots of information.


Later, the healing power and marketing of the natural spring water from a depth of 60 to 120 meters moved into the center of the region’s prosperity. Even today, this cool water is still the basis for the Kneipp health resort Mölln. Why not step into the Kneipp basin, the so-called Kneipp-Tretbecken in the spa gardens in Mölln or discover the unusual lake Kolk, called “grundloser Kolk”, a relic from the last ice age.


Visitors should by no means miss a boat trip on the lakes and Elbe-Lübeck canal. With your boat or canoe, you will always find beautiful routes and nice berths for mooring and docking. Captains with their own motor boat can berth at the visitors berths at lake Ziegelsee, just off the Elbe-Lübeck canal.


Those who would love to be a “captain” in their leisure time, can hire a pedal or electric boat and embark on their own exploration. Idyllic swimming areas invite you to swim and relax.