Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen

Nature park Lauenburgische Seen

Like sparkling gems hidden among forests, fields and hills more than 40 lakes are dotted around an area of 474 square kilometers. Founded in 1960, the nature park is the oldest nature park in Schleswig-Holstein.

Between lake Schaalsee and the Elbe-Lübeck canal, between Lübeck and Büchen, there is a vast mosaic landscape consisting of water, forest, meadows, fields and hedge walls. It is home to kingfishers, eagles and cranes.

The nature park with its hiking trails, viewing towers, information points, educational trails and picnic facilities is an interactive sanctuary for you to touch, experience and join in. So, to your heart’s content, you can go hiking, cycling or canoeing or simply dive into the refreshing water of the forest lakes.

Exciting and diverse information is available at the nature park center “Naturparkzentrum Uhlenkolk” in Mölln. From here, there are also a number of different nature tours on offer.


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