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Village charm and innovative science, wonderful nature and impressive structures: Geesthacht presents itself in many different ways.

Hop on your bike or lace up your hiking boots! Take the time to discover some of our natural treasures! When the sun sets glistening on the water, our so-called “Funkelstunde”, a very special atmosphere unfolds on the banks of the river Elbe.

Its favourable location on the river Elbe and the sand of the slope Geesthang made the city interesting as a location for innovative research and industry at an early stage. Geesthacht has a fascinating history of industry and technology. The tradition of innovation and research continues to this day. Facilities such as the Helmholtz-Centre Geesthacht make the city the largest research site in Northern Germany. You can also marvel at our impressive structures, such as the large lock Elbschleuse and Europe’s largest fish migration ladder. In our GeesthachtMuseum!, you can learn more about all of this in a modern exhibition.

Our Tourist information Geesthacht is happy to help you plan your holiday and find the right hotel or holiday apartment.



Discover Geesthacht

What to do in the city on the Elbe

Day tours by bike

The region around Geesthacht is an excellent area for cycling. Our Elbe cycling routes are perfect to try out and discover the popular Elbe cycling path called Elberadweg. Thanks to the ferries and bridges, it is easy to get from one side of the river to the other allowing you to practically cycle “around” the river. Small country roads and tracks in the parish take you through peaceful landscapes with old original farming villages and village churches dotted around.

A special highlight is our technology tour “Techniktour”, which takes you to technical structures and historic points on the Elbe and most certainly has a few enlightening moments in store for you.

Elbe cycling route to the marshlands Vier- und Marschlande

Explore the Elberadweg near Geesthacht and cycle through the marshlands Vierlande, Marschlande and Elbmarsch on cycling routes with a pleasant length for a day trip. A beautiful ferry ride across the great river is part of this tour.

Technology tour Lauenburg and Geesthacht

This cycling route around Geesthacht takes you past interesting historic and modern technical structures and squares. Find out what the story is behind the construction of the lock or why Alfred Nobel invented dynamite in Geesthacht. You’ll be amazed at all the things there are to discover.

Our service for you

Geesthacht is an ideal starting point for bike rides along the popular Elberadweg. The landscape around the river Elbe with its beautiful villages, small forests and original woodland is also perfect for exploring by bike.

If you do not bring your own bike or you want to try out the advantages of a modern e-bike (electric bicycle), you can rent e-bikes and normal bicycles at the Tourist information Geesthacht. On request, arrangements can be made for larger groups.


Bicycles can be hired at the tourist information at following rates:

Electric bike:                              Normal bike:
3 hours: 12 euros                  3 hours: 8 euros
1 day: 24 euros                      1 day: 12 euros
2 days: 44 euros                    2 days: 22 euros
3 days: 62 euros                    3 days: 30 euros
5 days: 97 euros                     4 days: 36 euros
7 days: 131 euros                   5 days: 41 euros
10 days: 180 euros                14 days: 78 euros
14 days: 237 Euros                21 days: 108 euros

Up and down the river Elbe

On the river Elbe, you can watch the impressive cargo ships slowly work their way through the water, day-dream your own adventures or simply hold your nose into the wind. There are many ways to experience the Elbe. Why not simply board one of the passenger ships for an enchanting trip?

Several passenger ships dock in Geesthacht. There are two jetties in the city: a large jetty at the event grounds Menzer-Werft-Platz and a smaller jetty in the Tesperhude district, about five kilometers upriver.

For motor boats, there are several possibilities to dock at our visitor berths.

Boat trips on the river Elbe

Saloonship Aurora

With the Saloonship Aurora, you can enjoy beautiful excursions on the Elbe. The Aurora’s home port is Geesthacht and in addition to sailing on the Elbe between Hamburg-Blankenese and Dömnitz, she also sails on the river Ilmenau and the Elbe-Seitenkanal, a side canal of the Elbe. Trips to the port of Hamburg with a visit to the fish market, the Hamburg Cruisedays or the Hamburg harbour festival belong to the regular timetable as does leisurely cruising to the neighbouring historic town of Lauenburg or further into the valley Elbtalaue to Boizenburg or Dömitz.

For Captain Karl-Heinz Randel and his wife Gabriela, inland navigation is in their blood. Their family have been navigating on inland waterways for 5 generations.

The saloon below deck can seat 125 people. The winter garden lounge with wicker furniture on the upper deck as well as the partially covered sundeck with sun beds, create a special atmosphere on the Aurora.

For group tours, family events, company outings and club celebrations, you can charter the whole ship.

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, in agreement with the registry office, you can even get married on the Elbe aboard the Aurora.

Passenger ship Lüneburger Heide

With the passenger ship “Lüneburger Heide” you can take a boat trip from Lauenburg, Geesthacht or Artlenburg to the Eulenspiegel town of Mölln, the fish market and harbour in Hamburg, to Bleckede and to Hitzacker.

And for nature lovers, there is the trip to the UNESCO biosphere reserve riverscape “Flusslandschaft” as far as Hitzacker. Or cruise along the 115 year old idyllic Elbe-Lübeck canal to Mölln, leaving all your worries behind. A special highlight is the boat trip to Hamburg including locking and the big harbour tour.

For groups and private parties, you can get an individual quote based on which route, for how long, the number of people and the service. The saloon can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests. You can also get married aboard the “Lüneburger Heide”. The ship owner works with the registry offices of Lauenburg/Elbe and the municipal of Scharnebeck and others. (Free) church weddings are also possible aboard the “Lüneburger Heide”.
In Lauenburg, the “Lüneburger Heide” normally docks at the Rufer-Anleger in Elbstraße 100. All other dock locations can be found in the current timetable.

Historic barge “Stadtbarkasse Piep”

A nostalgic cruise with the historic barge “PIEP” is a unique experience. Geesthacht presents to you its maritime upper Elbe aspect.

The barge is ideal for small celebrations of any kind (for groups of up to 24 people). Surprise your guests with an invitation to the PIEP and plan your next company party, birthday or anniversary.

A contribution towards our costs is welcome and is used exclusively for the preservation and maintenance of this historic barge.

The crew and helpers of the “PIEP” work voluntarily.
Owner of the barge is the town of Geesthacht. It is a project of the sponsoring society “Förderkreis Stadt-Barkasse PIEP” to represent Geesthacht’s maritime aspect. This includes boat trips for those who are interested in the region “Mittelelbe”.

Special activities

Family day out, company outing or simply spending a nice day with friends: what could be nicer than being active and doing something together? Visit the Geesthacht outdoor swimming pool, exercise your muscles in our high rope garden, meet up for a game of beach volleyball or relax with some friends at a barbecue area overlooking the river Elbe. Many activities await you in Geesthacht. Check them out; you will be sure to find something you like.

High Rope Garden Geesthacht

Climbing fun at the river Elbe

Courage, self-confidence and teamwork must be demonstrated in the high rope garden in Geesthacht near Hamburg. With 100 sections, it is one of the largest high rope gardens in Germany. The climbing garden is popular mainly because of its family atmosphere. It is located directly at the river Elbe in a wonderful natural setting. A nice playground and public barbecue facilities are in close proximity to the climbing area. Perfect for birthday and family celebrations, company outings or other groups.


Everyone can be active!

Climbing at a height of 8 meters can bring you to your limits, but do not fear: different difficulty levels make this leisure activity fun for all ages. Children from 6 years of age and a minimum height of 1.10 meter are welcome to join in.

In the high rope garden Geesthacht, there are different parcours with different requirements and difficulty levels. So even in a larger group, there is something for everyone!

For your little ones or visitors who are not too happy with heights, our motor skills circuit at a height of 1.50 m is ideal for practicing. Next, there is a parcours with over 25 sections at a height of about three meters. Our third parcours brings you up to a height of nine meters via wire ropes, suspension bridges and swings. Of course, there are multiple exit points in this section.

Admission is for the whole day. You are welcome to bring your own food (picnic, barbecue, etc.). Catering for groups can be arranged upon request.

Opening times

1 April to 31 October

Tuesday to Sunday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(last entry: 4.30 p.m.)

Closed on Mondays (except for bank holidays)

“Karoline” the steam engine

Nostalgic trip at the gates of Hamburg

When “Karoline”, the steam engine with its historic carriages makes its way from Geesthacht to Bergedorf, young and old get excited, making it a nostalgic day out perfect for the whole family.

The voluntary group “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geesthachter Eisenbahn e. V.” has painstakingly traced old wagons from the former Bergedorf-Geesthacht railway all over Germany, brought them back here and restored them. On Saturdays, the railway fans gather at the locomotive shed in Geesthacht to work  and you too are welcome to come along and have a glimpse behind the scenes.

On 6 weekends a year, you can ride on the museum train. Please note that tickets cannot be reserved.




Journey                          4 euros

Children                        2 euros

Download a detailed timetable here or visit the homepage of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Geesthachter Eisenbahn e.V. for more information.

More information is also available from the tourist information Geesthacht.

Cycling and feasting

Tourist-Information Geesthacht

Plenty of exercise on the bike, fresh air, beautiful river landscapes and culinary delights: enjoy this wonderful combination on a weekend in Geesthacht near Hamburg at the hotel Holsteiner Hof. Two cycling tours, rich in variety on which you will never lose sight of the river Elbe with its nearby natural treasures, are awaiting you. In the evening, you can feast on a 3-course gourmet dinner and relax in the small but fine spa area of the hotel with a Finnish sauna, an infrared light sauna and a cosy relaxation room.



  • 2 nights in the Holsteiner Hof (comfort room with single or double bed, incl. a generous breakfast buffet)
  • 1 exquisite 3-course gourmet dinner in the Holsteiner Hof
  • Use of the spa area (Finnish sauna, infrared light sauna and a cosy relaxation room) incl. bathrobe and sandals
  • Bicycle tour description for 2 loops along the Elbe cycling track (approx. 40 and 45 km)
  • Information about local tourist attractions
  • Maps

Offer is only valid on weekends.


119 €
per person in a double room

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