On foot

The Duchy of Lauenburg, located just outside Hamburg, is perfect for a hiking tour. In the rolling hills you hike to forests and lakes, meadows and fields. It goes through historic city centers, to noble mansions or stately manors. Here in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein, hikers get their money’s worth in the varied landscape of the Duchy of Lauenburg.


For long-distance hikers, the three European long-distance hiking trails E1, E6 and E9 are ideal, leading from north to south through Ratzeburg, Mölln and Lauenburg through the Duchy of Lauenburg. For day trippers, the dense network of circular hiking trails is worthwhile: hike along the Schaalsee, through the Sachsenwald, on the Hohe Elbufer and through the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park.

Hiking tour red Till shoe

Walk in the footsteps of the white gold along the old salt road, today’s Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal via the Alte Ziegelei, through the Pirschbachtal via the Doktorhof back to the historic market square Mölln.

Orange Till shoe

The hiking tour starts from Mölln, via Steinfeld, Forst glands and leads along the Lütauer lake, gland lake and Schmalsees back to Mölln.

Hike Blue Till Shoe

The blue Till shoe marks the approx. 13 km long way from the historical market square – Waldhof on Herrenland – Alter Frachtweg – Hotel Schwanenhof – Kurpark Mölln back to the historic market square. About half of the tour is located in the beautiful forest landscape of the Möllner environment.