How to get there

You want to take a trip to the Duchy of Lauenburg, and plan your journey? We are happy to show you how to get here and where the Duchy actually is.

By car
A 24 Hamburg-Berlin, exit Talkau, B 207
A 20 Lübeck-Rostock, exit Groß Sarau, B 207


By train (DB)
Take the Lüneburg-Lübeck line
Almost the entire Duchy of Lauenburg is located in the catchment area of the public transport system HVV

By bus
Regular busses to the seaside resorts on the Baltic Sea and to Berlin
Express bus from Hamburg Wandsbek

By plane
Airport Lübeck Blankensee
Airport Hamburg

Distance by car (e.g. from Mölln)
Hamburg (50 km, approx. 45 minutes)
Berlin (250 km, approx. 2.5 hours)
Münster (325 km, approx. 3 hours)
Lübeck (38 km, approx. 35 minutes)
Wismar (80 km, approx. 60 minutes)
Lüneburg (65 km, approx. 60 minutes)
Timmendorfer Strand (60 km, approx. 50 minutes)